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FabPatch used to mend jacket in forest

FabPatch - fast, stylish and customizable rub-on repair patch for textiles

Innovated by Finnish moms for sustainable business and lifestyle


Vaatelaastari - known in Finland as Vaatelaastari (band-aid for clothes) - is a repair innovation for textiles. It makes it super easy to patch holes, cover stains and decorate clothing and accessories!

FabPatch attaches to clothes and gear anywhere, anytime, by anyone - just press on and rub for one minute. The patches are suitable to most textiles but also adhere to leather and plastic.


See how easy it is to repair with FabPatch:


Please also read the instructions and tips on How to use -page  


The collection

Our ready to sell collection features FabPatches with different patterns, colours and shapes to suit a variety of repar needs. The “Bottle2 Patch” products are made with recycled polyester. The patches are thin and stretchy making them nice to wear also on indoor clothes and sportswear.

The collection also features Loisto, a set of FabPatches made with reflective fabrics and POW patches that are created in collaboration with Protect Our Winters Finland.

The collection is available from our re-sellers in Finland and abroad. Our own webstore delivers currently to Finland.



Brand partnerships

FabPatches can be customized for partners in shapes, patterns, colours, packages and even materials. For example we have partnered with Joutsen to create patches for down jackets and developed merino wool patches with Keli Clothing. See the brand collaborations already available.

Would you like to hear more about the customization possibilities? Contact The three Finnish moms of Oikiat Design Ltd.

Joutsen Vaatelaastari Keli VaatelaastariImage wear Vaatelaastari



The act of patching is an act for greener future. We thrive for the most sustainable options as it comes to the materials, practices and other decitions we make as a company. For example the FabPatch products are made in Finland and packed in a reusable, sugarcane based bag. 

The Finnish innovation Fund Sitra selected Oikiat Design Ltd. as one of the most interesting sustainable companies in 2021. Read more about the nomination. FabPatch Vaatelaastari has also been featured at the World Sustainable Economy Forum at 2021.  

Sitra pioneering circular economy


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