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Vaatelaastari Patch - Bottle2Patch

Vaatelaastari Patch is a repair innovation for textiles. It makes it super easy to patch holes, cover stains and decorate clothing and accessories!

Self-adhesive Vaatelaastari Patch attaches to clothes and gear anywhere, anytime, by anyone - just press on and rub for one minute. 

Customer collection “Bottle2 Patch” is made of stretchy recycled polyester.

Versatile and washable Vaatelaastari Patch adheres by rubbing to textile, but also to leather and plastic. 

Our own webstore delivers to Finland. Check the re-sellers in Finland and abroad. 

X Vaatelaastari

Vaatelaastari Patch can be customized for partners in shapes, patterns, colours, packages and even materials. Contact The three Finnish moms of Oikiat Design Ltd to know more.  

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